Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"You Mean You Spit on It?"

Straight up, this has been a horrendous week, only to be topped off by sleeping through Top Model and Gossip Girl. So not cool.

I sat down to catch the 11 o'clock showing of Project Runway and the quality of my life has improved drastically. I was thinking, "who could possibly be the style icon they have to design for? If it's Paris Hilton or Rachel Zoe I will seriously flip my shit. Or maybe it's Karl. I mean, I know that the only fashion person I would be reduced to tears for would be Karl."

And who walks in the door but my favorite woman in the world, SARAH JESSICA MOTHERFUCKIN' PARKER. I let out a squeal of delight which I hardly ever do, but come on now; SJP! Right there on the telly, making my dreams come true.

I know everyone hates her because she has a foot face or whatev, but anyone who can take a foot face and make it FIERCE is alright by me. Even back when I used to abhor Sex and the City I liked SJP. Hello, she stared in cinematic greatness of the 80s! Greatness!

And as if I didn't already love Christian enough, he had to throw around my favorite word ever. Yes, my little real life Marco Del Rossi, it WOULD be fierce if you won.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blair Waldorf: The Teenage HBIC

Your daily dose of the fabulous and supremely fierce Blair Waldorf.


Hey! I was looking at the knockoffs of those exact boots yesterday!

Oh my word, I didn't realize that it was Leighton who played Elisha in, Hangman's Curse! You have no idea how much my love for her has skyrocketed in the past few minutes. That movie was my absolute fave when I was just a wayward child in love with Ian Snyder. Memories!

More Pictures INCLUDING one of my other favorite girl, Little J! Or we can simply call her Jenny, because "Little J" reminds me of Jay Jay the Jet Plane.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Trying to Let You Know Just How Much You Mean to Me

The title is obviously dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld, for bringing me the shoe to end all shoes. (Only I could take the thoughtful lyrics of a man expressing his intense love for someone and turn them into an expression of my vapid materialistic desires.)

Hot damn.

And now for your daily does of Cobra Crew...

This picture is just precious. Karl's worry wrinkles and pained expression, Mark's neon pink shirt, the whole shebang brings tears of joy to my eyes. Hearing Jade from ANTM recite her famous poem 'Leftover Lady' the exact moment that I type this is also incredibly touching(after all, it used to be my ringtone, and let me tell you; there's nothing like the relationship between a girl and her ringtone). Ah, love is in the air tonight!!

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Picture it, Dilemma's favorite store, November 2 2007. Dilemma spends exactly $27 on Gold Lame Leggings.


It all happened so fast. At first, when I picked them up I was thinking, "this is an itch I've just gotta scratch". Then while trying to get my left foot into the footless tight, it cramped up and I had to jump up and down for about a half hour to relieve said cramp. I took it as a sign from the big man upstairs that these leggings were an abhorent idea.

I was wrong. They looked fabulous. Lame leggings do not make my legs appear larger than their actual size.

We here at Dilemma Knows Fashion solemnly swear to wear them will a full skirt/dress and never as pants, and probably with full black boot so that you won't even know that they're leggings.

The moral of the story?

American Apparel Gold Lame Leggings: $40
Dilemma's Gold Lame Leggings: $27
Beating the AA system: priceless

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