Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just Can't Get Enough

Everyone should go join StyleMob; it's MyStyleDiary's prettier cousin, which if you're shallow like me, probably turned you off of StyleDiary in the first place. Mobsters are cooler than diaries anyway, at least in theory. I was planning on begging my friends to join with me, but I learned my lesson when I tried to bribe them to make Livejournals. So of course I'm coming to you guys! I have ten invites and apparently I can request for more. It's kind of silly since now you can register for yourself, but hey;if you use my invites I get style points! Sadly but surely, you probably don't care about that either. Oh well, go join anyway. If you do decide to use my invites we'll automatically be friends[so if you hate me, just sign up using the regular sign up link. Common sense, yeah?]

Just to clarify:
If you want me to invite you, then I'm going to need your email address! Or just use the link, and supposedly that's what invites you on my account. It would also be nice of you to tell me when you sign up and if you used my link or not. Thank you!

My profile

Just a little forewarning: stylemob is not for the faint of heart! Go read La Petite Fashionista's review of the site[she's on my linklist, I'm too lazy to make a link] and you'll see what I mean. I completely admit that seeing the 'try again' vote on my favorite white dress outfit left me a little irked. But seeing that a few other people are getting upset about it, I thought I should say something. Don't let a few 'try agains' get you down! Clothing and fashion is about what you think, not what the anonymous voters on a website think. Even though I may seem like a big cyber-bitch, I hate being mean to people[except the Cobra Crew/Blondie/etc], and I'm super sensitive. Just not about things online! They don't even count, and if they did, we would be seriously FUCKED. Ahem. It's four o'clock in the morning, and I'm upset that everyone else is upset.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Goodbye Horses

The title of this post is totally from that song that Buffalo Bill dances to in Silence of the Lambs, but I swear there will be no wacky transgendered men dancing naked in any way, shape, or form present.

Is this sweater:
A)LAMB by Gwen Stefani[didn't she make some argyle sweaters a few seasons ago? Or am I thinking of some other goofy pop artist-turned designer?]
B)Casual Corner reject from Goodwill
You really should know the answer to that. Argyle makes my heart burn, and it makes me giggle like a giddy Degrassi schoolgirl watching a Manny/Darcy catfight. Ok, I should seriously stop talking about Degrassi now; it has officially become the new Blondie. This vest was only $2.99, which makes it even better.

Yes! My treasured gold flats! We can talk about these. Steve Madden lost my trust once upon a time, and I have never forgotten. Somehow though, these adorable gold ballet flats sort of make me love him again. I was originally going for these quilted ones, but sadly they were a little pinchy around the toe area[but looking at all the 5 star reviews, it might just have been my feet]. Steve Maddens are very hit or miss, as I've come to learn.

Now, I must share with you all a very important experience I had on Saturday. There's this store downtown where I live that I would stare longingly in the window every time I passed, but it was usually closed or it was at a time when I couldn't pop in for a look. Saturday, my favorite shopping partner[aka my mumsie...I don't know why exactly I keep calling her my mumsie, though] made my dream come true. It is the most wicked store I've ever seen! Betsey Johnson, Andy Warhol-ish paintings, and metal fortune cookie necklaces abound! A cacophony of trumpets sounded as soon as I stepped inside; yes, I have found my new favorite place. Most of the stuff is super expensive, but it's so wonderful in there, and the girl who worked there was adorable and complimented my dress which was a very nice gesture indeed. And you know what Becky Bloomwood says-what's the good of discovering a new shop if you can't buy anything? Following my favorite fictional shopaholic's advice, I came away with one item of clothing; I like to think of it as a trophy of sorts. These tights are the light of my life...I have never been so proud to own something since I got my TokiDoki bag for Christmas.

Tights with horses and elephants. Who would've thought? These tights are Mona May caliber genius! They were $24, but well worth every damn penny. It should be illegal to be this in love with an article of clothing. I was this ---- close to saying it turns me on, but I'm not about to go quoting a guy who freaks out over his laundry.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Cobra Crew:Degrassi Edition

My greatest dream has finally been recognized. The cast of Degrassi on the cobrasnake, mingling with ACTUAL Cobra Crew members! And how much do you love the guy in the last shot? He's all "ROCK ON, YEAH" like the fake Pete Wentz from the comments section of my last post, where the comments got MORE than a little wonky. Kudos to the fans[or, I'm assuming they are fans because they seemed to know a lot about a certain cut...] started that whole mess, because it was the funniest thing to ever go down here.

Hey look, it's Ellie From the Block!

"Sup? I'm hella thuggin' y'all! My blazin' hot metallic jacket is supa fly."

Ellie, I totally thought you were above white chicks and gang signs, but I guess I was wrong. Get it together now frosh! However, I do really like that jacket, and Stacey Farber is pretty.

My favorite picture?

The random Spinner lurking in the background, totally unprepared for the picture makes this even greater.

A)how many hipster points Marco gets for those black glasses, the fedora, and the exposed chest hair
B)how happy and glowing Paige looks. I'm just a little biased, since Paige is my second favorite[after Marco], and she's wearing sweet red Ray Bans.
C)why there are not more shots of Jimmy. Come on Mark, I would've expected better from you!
D)why Ellie looks like she's holding in a massive pee in some of these pictures. Bitch, you are in the presence of internet greatness. BOW DOWN.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Free At Last

After I finally finished my online school coursework, I almost broke into song. Wait, I did break into was Britney Spears' 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'. That's kind of an indicator of exactly how crazy school makes me. Fortunately this is not going to be a post about Britney Spears' fashion sense. If it was, we would all be prepping to shave our heads, and beginning work on our cellulite. I made chocolate cupcakes over the weekend, so I know I've been working on mine. Anyway, now that school is over, I feel as if I'm slipping into the abyss. Summer is a drag. If I didn't have to think about going to school, I would make a sincere wish for it to be fall. Summer clothes and I do not go together. I like layering, and cardigans. I absolutely loathe swimsuits and flip flops. The only thing to do now is to make a small Hit or Miss list.


Natalia Vodianova on the cover of July Vogue

I like to think that the Wintourosaurus did this especially for me in honor of my birthday month. This is quite a big thing for Vogue, having a model not featured somewhere in the magazine on the cover. The only problem I have is that Natalia looks like a frog in the shot[she does have a certain frog-like quality to her sometimes...ribbit, Natalia, ribbit!]. Seriously, you think you guys could have given the poor girl the right lipstick color?

Modeling Scams-they're a total bum-out.

Earlier, I was watching that Lifetime movie 'Selling Innocence' for the 3rd or 4th time, and I felt the need to voice my concern. Here we have a movie about a greasy-haired, pink-hating, way-too-short-for-modeling girl with great bone structure getting scammed by an evil con artist/"model" scout. I wish I had screen caps because that movie is just too golden. Mia is scouted in a mall, while watching a local talent contest full of under dressed pre-teens, shaking their leather clad butts in the predominantly male judges' faces. When Mia and her mother arrive at the agency, there are fake magazine covers plastered all over the walls, and some ugly short girls in the back room in their bad 90's outfits, just waiting to suck another girl into their tangled web of super-porno-stardom[later we find out that they get a bonus for putting on the act for the new girls!]. What baffles me is, how in the world did Mia get scammed? It's not that hard to figure out, even for the non-fashion mag obsessed people; use your common sense! When the guy asks you to start spreading your legs in lingerie, do you think there's a chance that he's trying to sell your cooter to the fat-bald-man world?? Oi vey. My favorite part? When the agent suckers the naive teenager into doing a live chat[all with reputable agents and clients, of course], he says "You think that Cindy Crawford has never done a live chat?" Hmm, I dunno, considering that Cindy was at the height of her fame when computers didn't rule the universe, I'm going to say that's a no. Lifetime movies rule my life, and it's going to stay that way. They teach important life lessons, everyone should watch them!


Goldie Hawn in Houseitter

This is such a fun movie, but for the duration Goldie is running around in leggings and oversized sweatshirts, which is fine for hanging out at home in. I'm wearing hot pink zebra print leggings right now, actually. They were for my Halloween costume last year, and they're surprisingly comfy for when you're not setting foot outside of the house...ok, so it's still all kinds of embarrassing to admit that. Whatever. Then there were the scenes that got me thinking about the type of things Goldie's character Gwen wore[or would wear]:
1.American Apparel Two-Toned Fitted Mini Dress This dress is kind of like High-Waisted for Dummies, and I'm so in love with it. However, the only way you'd get away with wearing this dress is if you have a great body, and you weren't afraid of VPL. So basically, I wouldn't be able to wear this since the cupcake binge doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Damn. 2.Girlprops Cat Eye Sunglasses-Gwen sports slim red sunglasses throughout most of the movie, and it kind of made me want to try them out and break away from the squarer shaped kind I've been adoring recently.
3. Urban Outfitters Dancerteria Knot Headwrap-This movie has done wonderful things for my shopping morale; it's made me fall in love with this type of head wrap all over again. Since headbands never fit my head[they always give me migraines], I'm in love with headscarves and cloth head wraps. Now if only I could learn how to fasten them myself...
And just for fun.

You'd be making this face too if some floozy in a pastel colored jacket was trying to steal your man.


Marie Antoinette-please, let it die.

WE GET IT, COPPOLA. You're a master cinematographer. You make beautiful movies-nay[even MORE kudos to Emma for correcting my cupcake-summer-induced grammar]-films that everyone adores. Except me. You can take the snooze-fest that was Marie Antoinette and go cry in a hole with Nick Carter[my favorite new insult, kudos to Emma]. The soundtrack was boring, the drama you tried to create was boring, KiKi Dunst was boring, the guy who played Louis was boring, the people with the fiery torches just waiting to kill Marie were boring, the 'pretty' things in the movie were boring. OHMYGODPRETTYFLOWERSANDCAKESANDDECORATIONS=GREAT MOVIE, RIGHT? Wrong. Very, very wrong.

Mmmm, how stimulating. A lesson well learned, I guess the secret to a successful movie is not through the plot, or the acting; it's through how many pretty deserts you can shove into one scene.

PS:Emma made me do it.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You know how I love those macros.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Lawn gnomes + costume noses + two esteemed Cobra Crew members + this song=gold.

That's all I have to say about that.

This is going to be my only post for a while[only about a week, but still] because I a crapload of schoolwork to do[MATH CAN DIE IN A FIRE. WHO'S WITH ME?]. But what better way to leave you guys than with your favorite Crew?

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Friday, June 01, 2007

White Riot

I've made a promise to myself to try and limit the 'celebrity' fodder for a while; so we're going to discuss wedding clothes! I went to a friend's wedding a month or so ago, and all I have to say is this; if you have a mullet and shoulder pads, it is probably not a good idea to combine the two and think it's a good look for such a joyous occasion. Unless your name in Bea Arthur, in which case you have an excuse. It is also completely inappropriate to dress little girls in Laura Engalls Wilder attire, unless of course she is Amish.

All this wedding talk as of late made me think about my dream wedding. I wasn't one of those little girls who thought obsessively about getting married[I was too busy wanting to be a Spice Girl], so I guess I'm starting to catch up now?

I have decided that my wedding is going to be the biggest, most extravagant wedding ever. The bridesmaids are going to dance down the aisle in this dress[preferably to 'Digital Love' by Daft Punk], or at least a variation of it...

We've previously talked about this dress, and I admit that it is the wackiest thing ever to come out of Dolce & Gabbana. But I love it too much to leave it out. When my mom saw this dress, she told me that, and I quote, "It looks like you're still trying to be a Spice Girl." She is absolutely correct!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Clockwise-Versace Spring 2007 Ready To Wear Dress. I would definitely not wear it in yellow; I'm thinking a peachy color[like the one I badly tried to photoshop] or white with silver. Audrey Hepburn and Andrea Dotti. A whole lot simpler, and I'm very keen on not doing a traditional wedding dress with layers and layers of frills and lacy crap. Yoko Ono and John Lennon. In keeping with the nontraditional theme, the white flat boots and the sweet white mini-dress would do just fine if I can't get my hands on...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yes, this is Ms.Geist's wedding gown from Clueless. I know I'll change my mind a thousand times, but this is the dress my heart is truly set on. The only problem is, on the Whatever! edition of Clueless, Mona May said that they had to call in her friend that was into architecture to build the dress. This is the device [she refers to it as a 'leaning board'] Twink Caplan had to lean against because she couldn't sit down...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

"If you come any closer with that camera, I will cut you. Ow, my back!"

No. This is definitely not how I'm planning on spending the reception of my wedding. I'm going to invite everyone, and it is going to be the biggest wedding of the century. You can mark my words, it won't be a boring wedding in the least[everyone will dance, dance, dance until they die!]. There is only one catch. If you wear sneakers or any form of sensible shoes[i.e-Birks, Crocs, or any of it's fellow brethren] YOU WILL NOT GET IN.
If my feet have to suffer on the 'happiest day of my life', yours will too.

EDIT:Everyone should also give a big congrats to Alex because she's getting married in five days! A little more exciting than Blondie's engagement, no? Besides, Alex and her fiance are responsible for this and there are only 2 things right now that I love more than low-budget horror stories:
1)Charm School-How much did Saaphyri rock tonight? I swear, the minute New York entered the room, I said 'oh snap' SECONDS before she did. I believe we are total sisters of the soul. And it has to be said; I live for reality tv bitches. But Larissa? That girl ain't right[-channeling my inner Bre from ANTM cycle 5-].
2)Degrassi-WHERE ARE GUYS LIKE SEAN CAMERON WHEN YOU NEED THEM? This is a serious question. Where are these guys hiding? Do they have their own private island somewhere I should know about? Sure, Sean is a total car wreck sometimes[but an adorable car wreck], and in the last season it looks like he used his hair to mop the floor of a club after the Cobra Crew has been partying all up on it, but don't you just want to cuddle him and make him beat people up for you*? I would also totally date a Jimmy type, even if he was in a wheelchair. Does that make me creepy?

Anyway, The Curse of Jane Harris nearly gave me a heart attack. Alex, if you ever decided that writing books isn't your thing, please do us all a favor and get involved with horror movies and take me with you!

*That last part was a joke. I'm a peaceful soul, really I am. The Sean fans should be advised to NOT start an angry mob and/or message board thread.