Saturday, March 24, 2007

You Go Glen Coco!

To think, I almost cracked my 'I chime with hasn't Coco Rocha learned to close her Godamned mouth yet?' joke a few posts back. Homegirl can obviously break it down and still look charming. This video has renewed my love for Coco and all she does. Well this and the fact that I heard that she doesn't actually keep her mouth permanently agape in every shot, but the photographers use it because they feel it embodies her 'signature Coco look'. Someone said she has a very short upper-lip which dually contributes to this problem. Poor Coco. I still love you, you're still fabulous, and I'd proudly wear this shirt:
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House of Holland Fall 2007 RTW, obviously
I actually like Iekeliene Stange better but I think I'd look a little silly in a sweatshirt with 'Grab My Weiner Iekeliene' printed on the front. It would give people the wrong idea. The Crying Game anyone?

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

If Guilty Free Had Been An Option

Guilty pleasures.
We all have them. No matter how hard one tries to hide the fact that they secretly love 'insert uncool band name-uncool article of clothing-uncool tv show-etc', the love festers inside our hearts. Hm, festers is a skeevy sounding word so we'll go with 'bubbles'. The love bubbles inside, until it eventually overflows out through your veins, and you stop caring how much other people laugh at you[and they will laugh] for loving what you love.

I have only recently become way more comfortable with showing off my music guilty pleasures. Por ejemplo, not turning off the audioscrobbler when Avril Lavigne comes on. I don't care if 'Girlfriend' is a bubble-gum pop, manufactured, 'OHMYGODSHEDOESNTMAKEREALMUSICANYOMRE!1!', piece of shit; it makes me happy ok? So I decided to make a master list of all of my guilty pleasures. Be prepared-there will be Fall Out Boy mentioned.

Uffie hasn't even realeased an album yet and I adore her. It's not really a mystery as to why:her songs are catchy and they make you want to dance around the room in your black Steve Madden mary-jane heels, thrifted plum short-sleeved sweater and grey skirt...which I may or may not have done earlier tonight. The lyrics are harsh[i.e-I'm ready to fuck etc and so forth]. But come on people-this is the girl who raps,
'You wearing your pants down
It's dangling off your ass
Is it because you grab your ankles for a V.I.P. pass?
You use your new fancy phone, to call back your mother
"Hey mum I'm with my boys I won't be home for dinner"'
Uffie is my favorite, if not solely for that statement.

2.American Apparel Metallic Leggings
I KNOW RIGHT. How hypocrytical of a girl who once blogged that she'd rather be shot than caught dead in leggings. I saw them on Iekeliene Stange a few days ago and thought they looked grand on her. Now I'm toying with the idea of purchasing the American Apparel pair in silver, because the silver ones looked ace in the Elle UK spread 'Mettalic Superstar'. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Iekeliene Stange rocking gold [AA?] leggings, American Apparel Leggings in "Metallic Superstar"

Well not really turbans,but the Prada-fied ones.
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I would never actually wear one, but it makes me picture a mysterious drifter...a glamourous mysterious drifter, donning a hunter/emerald green one with black Jackie-O style sunglasses to hide behind.
A glamourous mysterious drifter walks into a bar, a poodle under one arm...

4.Fanny Packs
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If all fanny packs were made like this, I wouldn't associate them with:
A)What moms use to carry around spare change, the theme park map, the camera, the Park Hopper tickets, and the obligatory wallet sized picture case of all your baby photos.
B)Mark 'The Cobrasnake' Hunter sans pants. Talk about skeevy;even Cory looks on in awe of the skeeve: however, it could just be the ill affects of those tequila shots wearing in. [Shhh I still love you Cory.]
I forget where I found this[the bookmark has mysteriously disappeared into the interwebs] but I remeber it was a ridiculous amout of money.
So I was thinking about trying to find one like this for when I go to the My Chemical Romance concert[yes, shut up, I know. But dammit I'm kind of excited] so that I can be hands free when I jump into the mosh pits! Erm, actually I'll admit mosh pits terrify me, and there will be no moshing whatsoever. I'm not a very physical person, and I'm afraid that me and my friend Val will get trampled when we go. At least I'll have my trusty fanny pack to whack off the major fangirls.

5. Avril Lavigne
Nostalgia is my favorite thing in the entire world. I remember being in the lower level family room of one of my many houses[I'm not rich, I just move a ton], singing along into my play microphone with Hayley Jones every single word of Sk8ter Boi we'd memorized down the the last syllable. My Avril love dwindled as the years went on, until I saw her on the cover of the November[?] issue of Nylon. This issue reawakened my utter fascination with her. I love 'Girlfriend', and I love Avril. To me, she's not punk, pop, rock, or anything else. She just makes me happy.

6.Fall Out Boy's Pretty in Punk/Sophmore Slump/Sixteen Candles
Especially Pretty in Punk. Although, I do have so many degrees of dislike against Pete Wentz, it's unbelieveable. Maybe this snippet of a MSN Messenger conversation[actually I sent it out in a myspace bulletin afterwards] will help me explain...

It all started when I actually filling out one of those 'ten people you want to say things to' survey's when....
Danielle[Me] says: see if you can guess who this one is
Danielle says: Person number 1: You're really kind of disgusting. I hope you diaf diaf diaf. I lost my eye virginity to you, and you are the second most annoying angsty man on the face of this planet. Although, I do like about two of your songs which is kind of embarassing. Your name may or may not be p33t whence.
[One of my best friends, Jennifer]: LOL
Jennifer says: MAY OR MAY NOT BE

7.The Clique novels
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Lo and behold my favorite guilty pleasure. I sound dreadfully un-hip admitting that I adore these. The well-read frown upon the silly middle school level books, full of bratty, upper-crust 7th grade girls with serious attitude problems. And rightfully so! I mean these aren't exactly The Bell Jar now are they? Anywho, I love these books and I've read them all cover to cover at least fifteen times each. Whatevs. And yes, whatevs is a word directly from the book. I think I need professional help.

There are tons of other guilty pleasures I could discuss, but delving into the big black hole of information that I fondly call my mind at 3:22AM does not seem like a very appealing idea. Got a guilty pleasures? Don't let it fester bubble any longer, tell me. The comments are screened.
I lied again. You can only screen comments on livejournal. But please tell me I'm not the only one who has guilty pleasures.

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