Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Public Displays of Sheer Asshatery

Excuse my use of the word 'asshatery', but I've had a pretty horrible day.
I think when a girl intentionally googles Jessica Simpson's 'Public Affair' to listen to on Youtube [while sitting in a greasy vat of self-pity, of course], it is certifiable proof that the person in question has lost all sanity. I stand by the fact that 'Public Affair' definitely sounds better on those Kidz Bop commercials. Fortunately, a few phone calls from the quirky friends that I left behind to move to this new godforsaken torture chamber [which just so you know, is some faux-ghetto in Pennsylvania] snapped me back into my senses. I'm taking it as a good sign that a few moments ago when I saw this pair of pants, my 'WHAT IN THE SHIT' reaction set in.

This is what happens when we let people who look up to Sienna Miller as a fashion icon design women's jeans-it becomes trendy to give off the illusion that you have no ass whatsoever. It was bad enough having to watch the Cobrasnake crowd run around in those awful rompers, but if I have to see one person, ANY PERSON, in these I will kill myself. Not only are they ugly, but they look incredibly painful.

To top this night off, I found out that the Barnes and Nobles two seconds from my house refuses to carry a plethora of my favorite magazines [they have Z!NK, which is good I guess] and the nearest Borders is too far to be of any use.
Shit, I'm in a horrible mood[as if you couldn't tell]. But I am back, and after all the post-moving nonsense it taken care of, I'll get back to posting regularly. I have a million things I want to talk about.

A/N-It should be noted [notes in an Author's Note, go figure!] that I adore a good high waisted jeans à la Lori Singer in Footloose. This particular pair is just horrible and unflattering. High waisted jeans should NEVER look like that.

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