Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Render Me Totally Annoying

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Someday, when my mom is eighty years old, I hope she acts just like Sophia.

My personal opinion is that the Golden Girls are the most underrated style icons of their time.
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Especially Dorothy and Blanche-look at them rock those shoulder pads. Albeit, I'd probably claw my eyes out with a scissor if I saw anyone emulating this now. Yes, their outfits may show a horrendous lack of tast now-but think about it in a different way.
For being 50 year old+ woman living in Florida during the eighties, they were damn sharp dressers.

The shirt comes in white print on black too. But this is the one I'm getting.
Find these shirts here, on the second page

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Singlehandedly the most amazing on-screen mother/daughter team EVER.
Sophia: I need the money for my old age.
Dorothy: Old age? You don't leave fingerprints anymore.

Dane Cook has zilch on these women, I tell you.

PS:I think everyone should read The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. It's f'ing incredible, if you don't mind reading something kind of dreary. It's perfect for reading when I'm bored during health class. Which is all the time. My health 'teacher' is a madwoman-she's like my science teacher, except she wears North Face fleece jackets every day.

If you were thinking about buying a t-shirt, remember that they are made in MENS size shirts!!! I got a medium and it's huge in the arms and loose on the sides, but my mom can shorten the sleeves and I'm planning to wear it with a vest to minimize the bagginess.
Other than that, it looks really good on.


Friday, November 17, 2006

Dead Uncles, Vegetables, and Dilemmas

Expect a NEW home for Dilemma Knows Fashion in a few days, or maybe tonight if I can think of a good name. I think I need a change, since lately I've been really repetitive and redundant!
Lorelai: It’s repetitive.
Rory: And redundant.
Lorelai: It’s repetitive.
Rory: And redundant.
Lorelai: We certainly are entertaining, Mac.
Rory: Indubitably, Tosh.
-Gilmore Girls episode Dead Uncles and Vegetables
I love Gilmore Girls before Rory got all Logan-fied and they both decided to get slutty.

For now, I'm just going to post a very simple Hit or Miss list.

-Butch Walker-No words needed, he is simply one of the coolest people ever. His music is what we should all be listening to. I hate to sound cheesy and weird, but his music tastes like magic, for real.
-Animal Prints-You know I've gone off the deep end when I start talking about loving animal prints. Lately I just want to roll around in a provacative fashion sporting a lepoard print cardigan while I listen to 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'. No, I would never actually do that but it provides some pretty interesting[see:creepy] visuals. Animal prints used to look so tacky to me...but now they've become....wild and flashy. Flashy in a good way, not flashy in a 'let's flash my boobs' way. I'm so tired, I don't think that even made sense.
-Key Jewlery!!!-I've been buying so much key jewerly it's insane. You can find some really nice key necklaces at Target. So what if they're getting sued for copying other people's hard work? They have nice necklaces so I suggest you better stock up before the companies that have been ripped off start a revolt. Claires is also following the key trend. That wasn't intended as a pun, but it kind of works. I'm starting to sound like my English teacher talking about puns and whatnot. She's a vegitarian, and she's the only teacher I actually like.
-Cory Kennedy-I'm going to get bashed so hard for this. "Like oh mah gawd she hasn't done anything to deserve her e-fame!!!11! And she needs a shower!!!" Chillax guys, she's young[sixteen?] and she has plenty of time to do something with her life. "Oh no, she parties in LA!" It's not that uncommon, don't act so shocked. I totally never get the relevance of the shower comment but it seems to come up a bunch whenever you hear her name. I don't worship her, she's not my "thinspiration", I just think she's cute.

-Teachers who insist on telling the entire class that, and I quote, "WE ARE NOT EQUALS. I HAVE A COLLEGE DEGREE. BLAH BLAH BLAH." Oh really? I'm not your equal Miss Crabbyass? Maybe when you learn the difference between 'were' and 'where', and stop using 'thru' as an acceptable abbrevation when you're writing out notes, then I'll start believing that we're not equals.
-Ashley Olsen dying her hair. What the hell Ashley? You were totally my favorite twin with your shiny white blonde hair and your pretty pouty lips. Now you've gone all askew and Mary-Kate is starting to look all cute again. Actually all the Full House children have decided to go haywire. Jodie Sweetin hosting a TV show were a bunch of gross nudie people dance to The Killers? I never thought Stephanie Tanner would succumb to the beckoning call of Middle Child Syndrome, but this only goes to prove that anything goes these days.

PS:There are about a million people I've been meaning to add to my blog link list and I want to delete some of my pointless entries so hang tight. I've been way too lazy about this thing. Anyone who still bothers to visit/comment after my serious writing slump deserves a medal.

EDIT-Alas, a picture that combines a hit and a miss!

Apologies to the cute girl in the middle, because I honestly have no idea who she is.
Guh, Cory looks so grungy and I love it, gosh dammit.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Dark Breed

To say the least, I've been incredibly busy.
So busy in fact, I've seemed to missed posting on Halloween like I originally planned to. I hate being busy.
What did everyone dress up as?
I was a scenequeen. [hahahaha]
Kudos to you if you know what that is.
Lots of gawdy gold chains, zebra print leggings, one makeshift petticoat[that wasn't all that bad], and a sparkly pink plastic crown were what I sported running around in my tiny subrurban neighborhood. Some words I got from one woman handing out candy-
"Oooh I see we have a 60's princess!" I have no idea were she was in the sixties, and I know I did not look like a princess. Maybe a princess tripping on acid?

I haven't talked about models I love lately, so what better time than the present?
'Alien' looking models seem to be what I'm favoring lately. You'll see why.

Everyone seems to hate Iekeliene Stange. Why?
Because apparently she's a big bitch who wrote in her old Livejournal[don't bother lurking I think she deleted it after some rude comments] 'says all Americans are dumb and thinks all Brazilians are sluts', to quote someone from livejournal. Before she deleted it, I got a chance to skim over some of it, and there was no mention of slutty Braizilians or thick Americans.
She's also infamously known amongst some of us avid LJ lurkers for asking people to mail her a My Little Pony in return for an add. And when people allegedly did, she ignored them.
Now, think about this.
What person in their right mind goes out to buy a plastic toy in exchange for a livejournal add?
Can anyone entertain the notion that mabye she was...psh...I dunno...KIDDING?
Maybe she didn't want random fans adding her. Clever girl.

Either way, I love her. And even if she is bitchy as a person I will still adore her because she's so fun and quirky looking. named her a beauty icon, which is kind of a stretch, but she's definitely a personal beauty favorite of mine.

My ultimate favorite as of now has got to be TANYA DZIAHILEVA.
I am CRAZY about this girl. SO CRAZY IN FACT, I'VE DECIDED TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS AGAIN. The very first time I saw her, I was confused as to how anyone could consider her pretty. Silly Dilemma, what were you thinking?
Now I love her more than any other model at the moment. The polar opposite of Iekeliene, she's got soft, sweet, fairy-like features [no razor-sharp cheekbones here], which is not hard to believe considering she's fairly young. She's only sixteen! Not unheard of in the industry, but always a breath of fresh air. That's just as old, or close to the age of a handful of us bloggers.

In short, I love alien looking models, school should be illegal, and sixteen year olds with modeling contracts must have pretty sweet lives.

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