Monday, September 18, 2006

Something Inside of Me

As of late I've really been into checkered print/flannel. Just check the hit or miss list. I admit, it was a lame attempt at a post. Nevertheless I think I got my point across fairly well!
Maybe not, since I took most of the time to talk about how Peter Wentz is ruining my life.
Which, he is. But that's beside the point.
The first time I realized that I had a burning, fiery love for checkered print was when I saw this drop waisted shirt from Urban Outfitters. Normally, I would've been all 'bleh flannel' but something inside of me said 'hey, you-this is a good idea'.
Now, I'm obsessed with finding a less expensive green flannel shirt since this one is $58. Curse Urban Outfitters and it's need to cost at least $20-$30 more than other stores per item.

Reader poll:Has anyone had a negative response to the way you dress at school/work?
Now I don't want to know about the time that you decided to wear leggings under a cooter revealing skirt, and a tube top to the office and your boss got mad at you.
I have an example, actually. The other day this girl really just put me off, and really kind of shook me up.
The conversation went something like 'oh those are really cute shoes Ella'[Yeah, don't ask about the nickname], and then someone else went on to say how I always looked 'fashionable' etc. Which I don't think I do but whatever. Maybe I'm just really bad at taking compliments.
Anyway, then this girl who I'm not even REALLY friends with goes 'or maybe she's just RICH.' Just because a person likes to have fun with clothes does not mean they're rich, sorry to say.
So, has anything like this ever happened to you?
Not necessarily the 'rich' or 'fashionable' thing, but maybe someone told you that you looked bad or....maybe they told you that you looked poor?
If they have said that, I want their names.
Because Dilemma is going to have to knock some bitches out, for sure.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

You Can Blame Zinc[No, Not the Magazine]

School is ruining my internet life, and it's not making me happy.
I have to write a paper on zinc as if I am zinc.

Example-"Hello! I'm zinc! I'm in group 12 on the periodic table of elements! And I'm here to RUIN YOUR INTERNET LIFE DILEMMA. BRAH.'
....Moving along....

I shortened the hit or miss post into a bunch of hits and a bunch of misses, as apposed to a hit and a miss for each area.


-The Nun-Funniest 'horror' movie I've seen in forever, with actually a consistent plot!
-White or dark almost brown red nail polish
-Flannel/Checkered shirts
-Leather Gloves, Long elbow length gloves, basically any gloves

Or don't, if you're going to keep making these amusing little clips.

-Fear Dot Com-Basically just a rip off of the Ring, which sucked too. Hemophilia blah blah torture blah blah killer website blah blah-do the people who made this actually realize how many plot holes there was? No matter how eerie the box looks...just don't do it.
-People who do a french manicure...WITH PURPLE TIPS.
-Gold lame hot pants from American Apparel[that a certain SOMEONE ripped off]. Haven't seen them? Oh look, a visual aid in youtube form down below....
-P33t Wentz showing at Fashion Week. It was one thing to invade my magazines with your hideous Gap ads, it's another to invade the runways that I follow so religiously. A JOB WELL DONE-YOU'VE RUINED MY LIFE, PETER. Not really, but this is still unacceptable.

And since I already had this typed up...

Possesed Good Guy Dolls from the 80's

Child's Play is my absolute favorite killer doll movie. EVER. I love it even more than the Puppet Master movies.
Maybe it's the fact that the kid who plays Andy is the cutest little boy in the history of little boys.
Maybe it's the special 'bond' I have with Chuckie for destroying my fear of dolls in movies.
Maybe I'm just weird and rambling about things that are irrelevant to the post.

Gwen Stefani dolls

I guess the horse clog and the ugg-with-cozy wasn't enough for you was it, Gwen?

Chuckie would eat your shabby dolls for breakfast, sorry to say.
And basically every other post I've ever made eats this post for breakfast too.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

"Your father's one sick mother. Actually your mother is one sick mother too!"

Check it, the quote up there is from my favorite Wes Craven flick The People Under The Stairs. If there was ever any accessory that was made to remind me of that movie, it's this wallet.

You probably wouldn't be able to whip this out at school, or if you're just trying to give your parents a loan for the pizza....
But the use of profanity isn't going to stop me!
Well maybe because it costs $48 and the fact I already have a wallet will slow me down.
Anyway, don't let the wallet fool you this site has tons of amazing stuff for those of you who don't curse like a sailor [I refuse to use the word 'cuss']. For example the cute tote bags to carry your stuff for school that no one will have! And the original art section is pretty sick as well.

It's kind of like the Deery Lou character that Sanrio does....only maybe even a little cuter.
If you live anywhere near Philadelphia you can also visit the actual Art Star shop [directions on the main page].

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