Friday, August 25, 2006

Dilemma Invades Public School!

Today was a very interesting [and rather nerve wracking] day-I had my first day of school today since 7th grade! Well that's not exactly true since I was homeschooling in 8th...but technically I haven't been in a real 'school' since the second semester of 6th grade. I went to a private K-8 school with about 400 kids in total during 7th grade so I'd hardly count that as means for learning to deal with public school trials and tribulations. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised that when I arrived in the morning with my friend Ashley, that there were NOT 2000 girls running around in the same outfit. It seemed to be that the older classes of sophomores and juniors had the most unique outfits.

The first encounter I had was with a girl [presumably a junior] in full black-black baggy pants with chains, a baggy black t-shirt, black armwarmers and some serious black lipstick to put the icing on the big sooty cake. I'm not going to lie-it was somewhat alarming. Not because I didn't like what she was wearing, but because I'm so used to seeing girls in exclusively American Eagle and Abercrombie. And yeah, there were the snobby girls snickering, obviously thinking 'what the hell is she wearing?' but one of them had light blonde hair with the nastiest black roots I've seen to date so she really had no reason to judge. I guess I just have more respect for people who don't care what others think about them, and wear whatever they feel like. Being a follower is too easy-it takes real character to step out in something different and interesting.

Then in my honors science class, there was this awesome girl with a funky denimn mini skirt, a black t-shirt with a colorful pink, blue, and yellow design and matching kneesocks, wearing black kitten heeled mules. This was most definitely my favorite outfit of the entire day. I don't know her name, but I intend to make this girl my best friend.
You know I'm just kidding, but her outfit seriously screamed 'win!'. It was almost like the outfit to my left, but not as flamboyant. She stood out, but not in such a 'hey look at me I look like a cosplayer on my way to a convention!' way. There's nothing wrong with cosplayers, but I think if I started dressing full out ganguro style, that I would be promptly expelled for 'disrupting the learning environment', you know?

All in all, school isn't too bad! Well...except my history teacher told us about a thing he had in his class called 'cockroach wars'. No one is really sure if he was kidding or not. Pray for me if he wasn't.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

It's My Party And I'll Fall If I Want To

You should all thank the TLC show 'Wild Weddings' for getting my creative juices flowing for this new post. All of a sudden while I was sulking in my bedroom because I couldn't think of anything to write, I glanced at the TV screen to see a newlywed eat it on the dance floor. Then I looked at her light pink colored heels and laughed because what real woman, unless you're really wasted, falls flat on her face because of her lack of maneuvering skills in pumps? And believe me, these were no 6" stilettos.
That's about the point when my brain went 'EUREKA'!
No, this post is not about making fun of brides, this post is about the lack of high heels in school! Yes, I'm actually serious.

Everyone knows the start of school is just around the corner for most of us, although I know there are cruel and unjust school systems that already forced some of you all to start. There are many, many things I dislike about school; mainly that it actually exists. But one of the worst things to deal with style wise, is that you can't wear high heels! Either because of a strict dress code, or because your classes are always 1423 miles apart-heels simply have no place in a student's life! So I decided to make a list-a list of all the shoes that I wish I could wear to school, but if I ended up wearing them I would most likely just faceplant like the unfortunate bride from Wild Weddings.

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It's no secret that I adore Marc Jacobs shoes, even though his new Ready To Wear collection is 90's grunge in not such a good way. But these are actually really great, they have so much going for them. These fall into the military look, without being too literal. And they're black meaning you could wear them with anything at all. Too bad they cost $368 which I don't think many people reading this can afford. But hey, I never said that my dream list was cheap!

You know what I see a lot of lately? Girls confusing 'shiny' with 'sparkly'. Shiny is like satin, or kind of like a can of soda. Sparkly is like sequins, and glitter. Of course you could always follow the example Tyra Banks and a pre-trashy LaLo set in Life Size. Sparkle and Shine. Eve would certainly find these Sunnyvale approved! Though, Tyra is a millionaire and she could probably afford the $385 price tag. If only we could get her to spread the wealth a little (not that she would, she's probably rip out her own weave before letting any of us hone in on her money).

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Christian Louboutin shoes, what girl doesn't dream of these holy creations? I know it's probably kind of sacrilegious to say that they're holy-but dammit these are incredible! When I went to DSW once, there were some super high lacy pumps that sort of looked like these, and I wanted them so badly[I say that about a lot of stuff, don't I?]. Unfortunately, my mom decided to snap me back into reality and ask me 'What would you really wear these to?' and I promptly put them back. Because face it-I would look like a joke to most people. Older people don't seem to receive teenagers in "real peoples" footwear that well. Maybe it's because they're jealous that we can take the pain, and they're forced into orthopedic sneakers.
These weigh in at most expensive on my list at
$720. Ouch. That's not what I wanted to hear.

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My favorite shoes for fall would have to be the ankle boot, a trend that everyone is picking up on lately. Sure, there are flat versions of this style-but the platform is just so much cooler. Personally, I think mostly everything looks better with a heel. Flats are my favorite for comfort, but I'd be in platforms/wedges/heels 24/7 if dumb schools weren't spread out so far.
These are
$515, and I don't even know why I'm bothering to type up the prices. You're all probably cursing me and my need to foist attractive and ungodly expensive footwear in your faces.

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The brand that makes these shoes is called 'Pleaser USA' and they actually make really high stripper shoes, so I was extremely surprised to find these adorable shoes that mimic a spectator look. And these are much more consumer friendly at $40 on Zappos. I figured that if I didn't put anything affordable on the list, and angry e-mob would form. Or maybe I just really loved these shoes.

This entry post proves that inspiration can come from the weirdest places.
So I'd like to thank the lady that fell on national television for inspiring me! Have a very happy marriage! Maybe when I'm working and disgustingly rich, I'll mail you a pair of shoes on this list, okay?

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Friday, August 11, 2006

If You Can't Find an Acceptable Pair of Leggings-Give the People Other Options!

I just watched this weird movie called 'May', that I found sick, creepy, and just plain wrong. Of course, that ultimately means that I ended up loving it about two hours after it ended.

But since you probably don't care about that I'll move on

The scan above is from the new Urban Outfitters catalogue. Do those of you who've still been wearing leggings see that it doesn't have to be this way at all? Or even those of you who wouldn't dare touch leggings? There can be a middle of the road here people! The picture above clearly demonstrates that! Why not satisfy the urge to strap on those scary plaid footless tights, when you could easily pull on some black tights? The polka dots are optional, because I know that maybe not everyone loves them.
Or you could go Stacey Dash a la Clueless and snag some white cuffed socks!

Oddly enough, the guy who played that creep Elton was in May! Yeah....he was killed off [and the girl took his hands and sewed them onto her 'creation'] but if we're going off his character in Clueless he totally deserved it!
So the lesson for today?
Sewing the perfect 'friend' out of other people's body parts is NOT AN OKAY IDEA.
And neither is wearing plum leggings that have some weird kind of keyhole tie in the back

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Monday, August 07, 2006

It'll Be Anarchy All Right

Everyone has a woman that they look to for fashion inspiration-kind of like a style muse, right? We all know the popular choice for fall is Edie Sedgwick and Sienna Miller with the skinny jean and ballet flat trend going as strong as ever. But no one ever said a man couldn't be a style icon now did they? Besides I like a little androgyny now and then! And before you all suspect that I'm going to go off picking someone from My Chem-know this. If I'm ever caught going out of the house in too much red eyeliner and a fake blood stained suit-shoot me please.

Now you may laugh all you want at my choice, but The Breakfast Club's very own John Bender style will stand the test of time.
Not only did Judd Nelson's performance steal the damn movie [don't lie, you know he did], but John's style is actually sensational. Claire Standish had nothing on him with his classic tweed coat, fabulous layering technique, and most importantly his motorcycle boots.

I have a pair of boots almost like these and I literally call them my 'Bender' boots. I love them dearly, but the only problem is they look more 'let's go hop on my Harley!' then 'haute couture'. Which doesn't really bother me, but I'd like to consider my options! Thankfully, United Colors of Benetton got the message, and most of their Fall/Winter 2006 collection of footwear are motorcycle boots with just the kind of modern twist I need. Especially these leather boots that could pass as a more stylish version of my own.

Tough looking enough to bring out your inner rebel, yet not too much so you don't look like a crazed motorcyler who just came stumbling out of a bar and hopped onto said Harley Davidson.

If you don't have the budget for United Colors[which I'm pretty sure run from $150 +] has a
Motorcycle Boot for only $42.50!

Though, a word to the wise-it would probably not be best to light up using your new leather boots unless you really know what you're doing.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Let Gabs Rest in Peace and Move On Already!

Are you tired of spotting girls with fake Chanel bags walking around in Abercrombie thinking they're hip and stylish? Do you despise girls that think because they have some Chanel ballet flats that makes them a 'fashion queen'? [Not that I don't love Chanel flats.] Does hearing one more girl [OVER 14] squeal when they hear 'Chanel' and say 'Oh my Gawd I lurve Chanel! The work she did on her last collection is so amazing!' send a cold shiver of bitterness down your spine, because you know the woman known as Coco Chanel is deceased?

Well then good news for you! Alex and Chloe have just the solution to shut up the squealing girl, with their 'Coco is Dead' necklaces.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Not that I have anything against Chanel/Karl Lagerfeld in any way, but these are just perfect to throw into any outfit to give it a morbid in a good way kick! Personally I favor the first one, and there's even a few different styles to choose from at the website. You'll most likely get a bunch of girls giving you nasty looks for allegedly dissing their 'favorite designer'-but at least you'll look splendid doing it! And who knows- maybe this will clue them in to the fact that Coco Chanel bit the dust in the 70's, and since 1983 a man has taken the role of chief designer for Chanel?
With Alex and Chloe jewelry-anything is possible.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Candies are Evil. Evil is Sin. Sin is Forgiven. So Let's Begin!

After somewhat butchering the title of the post to get it to flow my way, [because I can't go off talking about sex on my blog, now can I?] I'm sure everyone knows about Candies, the brand that Kohls carries, right? The past 'faces' of the "label" include some of my least favorite starlets, including Hilary Duff and now the lovable, but pinchy-voiced Cheyenne Kimball. Honestly, her voice is quite alarming. Though compared to Hilary she's got a voice like Whitney Houston. And putting money in Hilary's pocket by purchasing the brand she endorsed, is like waving a white flag of defeat above my head.
So, in turn, I vowed to never, ever purchase anything from Candies (or Kohls, for that matter), which didn't really prove a hard task since most of their stuff isn't that cute-until these happened to cross my path.

And here they sit, on my feet as we speak. Even though it's almost 1:00 am, my time-I'm still wearing them! They feel like slippers, I tell you! Shiny, cherry red, patent leather slippers! They kind of remind me of the red crocodile print London Sole flats I tried on ages ago at the Lily Pulitzer shop by me-but those looked mighty scary on my feet, and I hate 'mock-croc' on anything besides boots and handbags. I'm so pleased with these shoes, you have no idea.
I purchased them in store at my local Kohls, but you can find them at
Kohls Online for the same $33 price.