Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Well Vogue, You're Definitely Improving

This months Vogue is a big step up from where its been the past few months-putting Maniston on the cover and whatnot really was horrid. Two things in particular really struck me.
The 'Talking Fashion' section with 'rules' for vacationers. Take serious note of number 24-"Do point and laugh at people in Hummers". Well, I already do that sort of. My mother and I have a little game, that whenever we see a hummer I'll go 'Hummer no punch backs!' and then she'll roll her eyes and groan and most likley add in her commentary about the hideousness of the cars.
Its really quite fun.
They seriously look like someone chopped the top off a school bus. Besides, they ruin the environment, and that's not cool at all.

Second, the 'Going Platinum' Article. The headline reads, 'There's a punky, peroxide revolutioin happening at your hair colorist. Rene Steinke sheds her brunette for a rebellious rock star blonde." Now...who do we know who's recently turned blonde...and is a 'rock star'???
Well hello there Gerard Way-you've been reading Vogue haven't you?
That's what this whole blonde business is about. You've taken a liking to fashion?

Well turning Stella Tennant blonde is certainly not the way to show it!

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Friday, June 23, 2006

She's Baaa-aaack...

Speaking of horror movies...

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Oh Jade...where to begin?
If you had grown out your hair, and returned to the afro...I was ready to kind of like you, and your crazy, whacky self.
Please...take the weave out, it's for the best.
Preposterous indeed.

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What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

I just finished watching Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments and I was somewhat inspired to do a small post about fashion in horror movies. Because well, I love horror movies, and I'd seen most of the ones on the list. [Not to brag, or anything...]

Take Virginia Madsen, 'Helen Lyle' from 'Candyman', for instance.

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She was pretty, in an unconventional way. And no, her outfits were not haute couture, or even necessarily pretty in the movie[Which was understandable because of the whole being mauled by inner city thugs and wanted by the Candyman and whatnot]-but she still pulled everything off, and made it appear cool.

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Besides, she kicks major ass, and I love Candyman so much.

Then there are the classics, done by one of the most amazing costume designers of all time, Edith Head.
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There was Grace Kelly in the Hitchcock classic 'Rear Window'.
The dresses and the simple pastel skirt and jacket combination she wears are simple, and rather amazing.

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A horror movie, with a fashion background? Enough said.

Someone needs to make a new movie about a haunted design studio, or something. Or maybe just a really good horror film with great clothes. But then again...they may cast Paris Hilton as the lead. So maybe its better that things stay the way they are.

Candyman screencaps-

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Steve, You've Disappointed Me

About a month ago, I went into Nordstroms, and saw these red pumps by Steve Madden.

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They're the Lalo style, and I was floored. They were so red and shiny...I fell in love.
I wanted them so badly but they were way too pricey and my mom didn't even want to stop and let me try them on. So ever since then, I'd lost sleep over these shoes-I really wanted them!
Today, when I went to Nordstroms to try on jeans-my mom gave in and finally decided to let me try them on. I was so excited. The lady brought them out in an 8 and and 8 1/2. So, I tried on the 8 because that's what I always wear and-BAM. Too narrow, and pinchy. I mean really narrow too.

So the salesgirl says "Oh yeah, they run very narrow. Try the 8 1/2!" Because you know they'll do anything to move the merchandise. I did, and that one left a little gap in the back-and when I finally looked at them in the mirror.
They looked really weird on my foot-and they were still too narrow-but too long. Does that even make sense?

Well-I immediatley covered and said they just 'weren't my thing' and she took them away.
The moral of the story? Waste your money on something else besides the Lalo pumps.
Does anyone actually own them? Am I the only they didn't fit? Was it just a crappy shoe? Because you know what they say-quality control rules the world. Actually, I think it's really just my mom who tells me that all the time.

Dilemma Has A Request!

Today, in my comments, I got a small request from Alison-and I'm always happy to help :D

Do you know where I could get some cool skinny jeans? I'm like a 00 petite

Before I get started, let me just say-Alison I'm extremely jealous because I couldn't get 00 jeans past my ankles.

Since you didn't specify a certain style or wash-I did the best I could.

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These are AE jeans, and even though I have a small problem with AE usually-the jeans are really comfy, and they have a good fit. They come in 00 petite. Get them for $50 here
I have absolutely no idea with what kind of budget you're on, but if you've got a lot saved up, or want premium quality-there are these Seven skinny jeans.

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They come in a darker wash, and I really love them. Consider yourself lucky that you can pull these off-or on for that matter. $143 at

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You really can't go wrong with Lucky Jeans, they're pretty classic. And these are a little better, at $98 here.
I really tried to find cheaper ones for you, but unfortunately anything I found cheaper, started at a size 1 or 3, or they didn't come in petite.
Hope I helped a bit!

I Think I Love You, But What Am I So Afraid Of...

I'm afraid of the bill I'd have after I charged these shoes.

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When I clicked on the 'shoes' category of Urban Outfitters, my eyes diverted from the 'Additional 25% Off All Sale Items' those boots.
I mean it. Dorothy Zbornak would officially be trendy in todays society. The white ones are heaven sent, I swear. So now I'm super curious, and I click on the 'New Arrivals' panel. So I located these boots and guess what? $125.00 Expensive, right? Think again.
I would just have to combine the money I got from graduation-but this could work. We will be together. But then unfortunately, I came to my senses and realized I should save my $150 dollars and not just blow most of it on boots. I tore myself away from the boots-and forced myself to click on the 'Sale' category.

So, I saw these sandals on the sale page, which made me a bit happier.

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Though, not as amazing as the white boots-they're still very clean, simple, and ultimately really nice. And its a sandal. I'm in desperate need of sandals, since all I've been purchasing this year was a wedge, or a heel. My feet will thank me-and so will my wallet.
here, and they come in brown, green, fuchsia for those picky souls who don't like white.
Don't think this is going away easily- those boots will be mine, I assure you.
Just wait.

Monday, June 19, 2006

You're Just What I Need

Observe, a woman's wardrobe staples:

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Doughnut bracelets!

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A hamburger skirt-complete with lettuce!

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A dress fashioned after pepperoni and olive pizza!
And for the man in your life!

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Give it to him as an anniversary gift! Psh, no serious man wants those boring moneyclips anymore! Spice things up!

Oh Jeremy Scott, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
Pictures courtesy of Runway Models

Sunday, June 18, 2006

That's Just Insanity

Dear Miles Aldridge,

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I love you, I love your work but sweet Jesus are you trying to give me a heartattack man?
GRASSHOPPERS??? I have a huge phobia of all bugs, but GRASSHOPPERS?!!?
This is just too freaky.
You can scope out the rest of the other frightening bug themed shots
here at the Livejournal community Foto Decadent.
You get an A for creativity, Miles, but an F- for scaring the beejeezus out of me via fashion photography.

And What Exactly DOES Popozao Mean?

This completely frivolous, and un-fashion related as things get. But hey, I'm a frivolous and fancy free kinda gal.
Whoa. I just called myself a gal. Erm...anyway....
How many people think Kevin Federline is the biggest joke of a man ever?
Maybe its just me, but the people at share my feelings.
They now have this game-
K-Fed:Dancing With Fire
You can finally annihilate him, AND Britney via an internet game!!!
Its pretty harsh, and not for the faint of heart because you're basically laying into K-Fed and Brit-nay pretty hard. And at the end of the level...well I won't spoil things for you. :D
But if you hate animated blood-don't play!
Ah, I love teh intranetzz.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

You Just Have to Keep On Trying

Even though I already did a small post about t-shirts, I decided to do another one. Mainly since that one didn't go over so well because apparently Napolean Dynamite has more fans then I thought. But anyway, I've been in need of a few new t-shirts, because I have so few, and I couldn't find any I really loved. Until I found these...

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A car pile-up! Hoorah for making reckless driving cute! Or not. But it really is cute.
Disclaimer-I do not condone reckless driving-no matter how adorable it looks on a shirt.

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Talking ice cream cones. Need I say more?

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I won't make a Chachie joke, I swear. But its just so tempting...

All the shirt designs are unique and hilarious in they're own little way, but this is the one I have my eye on.
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Oh Mr.T, you slay me.
I know, how lame that I watch A-Team re-runs everytime they're on TV Land. You can find these and many, many more designs at for anywhere from $8-$15 dollars.
You see that, I got through an entire t-shirt post without raising tempers, didn't I now?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Oh, Oscar de la Renta...

Its 1 in the morning, and I couldn't think of a better way then to be spending it thinking about the Oscar de la Renta 2007 Resort collection.

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Despite the fact that Cecilia Mendez reminds me of Julia from the movie When A Stranger Calls Back[and that creeps me out a little], this shift dress is the epitome of perfect in my eyes. Polka dots, in black and white? Yeah. That pretty much sums up why this dress owns.

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I don't know, but this kind of looks like a cooler version of the safari outfits that chick the crocidile hunter works with/is married to wears [ETA 4/29/08 - OH LAWDS THE CROCODILE HUNTER IS DEAD NOW. I feel just plain cruel.] . Bad sounding analogy-but if you've seen who I'm talking about, you'd see the relevance. The hat drives me wild, because I've been searching for one just like it. But once again-thank you dear North Carolinian stores, for carrying nothing like it.

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And this dress reminds me of something a very modernized Scarlett O' Hara would don, or is that just me? I completely think Scarlett would, though. Nevertheless, its an amazing dress, in that divine blue color that I love.

All I do know is, this is definitely the best Resort collection I've seen all season, and all the pieces are equally amazing to look at. Besides, it eases the pain of hearing that What Not To Wear will no longer be in its regular time slot at 8 o'clock. No one wants to see that chef guy[no matter how 'attractive' he may be]-I want my Stacey and Clinton!

Picture courtesy of Runway Models

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

You Knew It Was Coming

Ask anyone who knows me, and they'll tell you how much I love Bob Bryar. Not in a creepy 'I want his babies' way-in a 'he's the coolest person ever' way. And how could I not mention one of my favorite people ever in my blog? And guess what, its not even a shameless plug to his band. It really has to do with clothes. Really.

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Sweater vests are the new black. Ok so, this picture is pretty old so maybe its not the 'new' thing...but sweater vests for guys are still sweet. Besides, any guy who was this cute when he was a kid-

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completely deserves to take up an entire post.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cigarette Pants, Anyone?

Someone recently mentioned that Ann Taylor had come out with a new style of casual/dress pants, that are named after Audrey Hepburn. I know, I know-I already did a post about her. But this is different. This is about cigarette pants. Observe:

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Now, I'm aware that these probably wouldn't be the most flattering to all body types-but they're pretty amazing anyway.

But, if you can afford to drop some cash, the 'Audrey' collection comes in a variety of styles, even one more affordable $50 cut [They sold out of those], found
here on the website.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The World's First Supermodel, Bitches

Ignoring the fact that today is 6.6.06 and all the 'omg gawth' kids I've encountered are 'celebrating'-I'm pretty excited for The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. My love for Janice has grown over the years, mainly since ANTM cycle 2 where she was pulling for Mercedes-who in my opinion completely outdid Yoanna in the DSquared2 runway show. She's just so outspoken and crazy, how can you not love the woman? The show starts at 10 on Oxygen. Watch it-Janice even has her own team. Gabe and Duke-the Janice version of Miss and Mister Jay. Touche, Trya Banks.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

What A Headcase

There are few things worse in life then a bad hair day. (Minus the remaking of the Omen with LIEV SCHRIEBER replacing GREGORY PECK. *ahem*) Anyway, I've been really getting into hats/headwraps/headbands lately. Surpisingly [or not] enough, I can't seem to find anything but train conductor or cowboy hats in my area.

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Ok, This headwrap kind of makes me wish I was a blonde, because the colours would probably make it pop more on a blonde. [I know you're probably thinking that I spell 'colours' that way because its trendy. But really, my dad spells it that way. He's from England. Of course, he also pretty much collects junk from peoples maybe I shouldn't be taking too much advice from him.] Er...anyway...really, I love my hair color, and I'm pretty sure that this would look kickass on anyone. You can locate it here for $18.

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I personally prefer these headbands to the headscarfs, because for some reason the scarves don't really seem to work on my head-but thats nothing you really needed to know.[Kind of like the tibit I shared about my dad.] It looks almost just like a Pucci scarf. Hence the name "Purple Pucci"

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This is truly one of the most adorable hats I've ever seen. Though it doesn't come in the black, it comes in red and pink! If you like this hat, and you like red and/or pink its only $20 here

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Then there's this hat, that reminds me of the hat Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast At Tiffany's, and she was out with whoeverhisname was.[I haven't seen that movie in a while, ok?] Only her's didn't have flowers, and was some type of fur. But nevertheless, its adorable and kind of 60's and you can pick it up here for $20.

So I brought you beautiful head...items... that'll be sure to combat frizz any day...or just so you can look pretty if you don't have frizz.

By the way-is anyone boycotting the Omen by renting/buying the acutal movie and planning to watch it on 6-6-06? I hope so, because we need to stand together as a whole against this trainwreck of a remake (you can quote me, I'm calling it now). This is worse then uggs. You know its bad when I've said something is worse then uggs.

And on another note...

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This kind of reminds me of the Elephant Man. "I am not a cowboy! I'm a human BEING."
The strange things go on in my mind.