Thursday, May 25, 2006

Anyone who loves Audrey Hepburn must've seen (or should see) Roman Holiday. I got it in the mail yesterday and put it in eagerly-mainly because it's one of the only movies by her I haven't seen. During the entire movie-she's only in five outfits.
1)Her ball gown
2)Her night gown
3)Joe Bradleys'(Gregory Peck) pajamas
4)the outfit she wears running away/out and about in Rome
5)The outfit she wears during the press conference
But my favorite was the outfit she wore the entire day she spent with Gregory Peck.

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So, in honor of Roman Holiday and Audrey Hepburn- I'm going to attempt to recreate this look. (Note-the key word being "attempt".)
First, there's the white blouse-like top. And since most people don't have the almost non-exsistent waist that I will always envy Audrey Hepburn for, I decided to update the look. (Which is really just me trying to sound professional for, "I'm not doing an exact copy of what's in the picture because after literally hours of scouring the internet I couldn't find anything that resembled the pieces that I wanted to use.")

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Found here at probably the greatest place ever, Everything is fifteen dollars, and most of the stuff is really cute. Anyway, this looks like it might be a bit sheer, so you should probably find a plain white camisole or thin tank top to wear underneath it.
Then there's this one for $48.00 at

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It would personally like this one more because it looks a little more slouchy and relaxed- but I prefer the actual look of the other one.

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This one would almost be ideal, it's got the same 'look' and it's only $20. Also at
Though, if you have money to burn- I just spent ten minutes drooling over this Anthropologie blouse for $58 (aka-way out of my price range for right now.)

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It's right here if you want to join me in my drooling(Yes, I'm aware that sounded gross).

Of course, the skirt is next. If you really like the look of all white, then there's this skirt at Anthropologie(don't worry, it's a sale item) for $40, reduced from $118. I say that's a fair deal.

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Normally, I don't wear pink that much. But since this isn't annoying hot pink, and a really pretty light rosy pink-this skirt is nice.

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This is $35 at

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If you wore this belt on the chocolate brown side, it would look perfect against all the white. I guess the metallic would look ok too, but I'm not one for metallic belts.

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For a more authentic look, this one is definitely nicer. But lucky you, they're both $16 dollars at in the belt section. This one comes in black too, if you decide on the black shoes.

And of course, the finishing touch to any outfit(and one of my favorite things to shop for)- shoes. I didn't want to get too lace up sandal-y because someontimes people take it way too far and lace half way up their thighs.(I've seen this done, and it's not pretty.)

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The first pair of sandals I found here at are adorable Etienne Aigner sandals-I don't even usually like this style. The only problem was that these are $63.95. But you could always save up!....So maybe not. Anyway, I searched around a bit more and found two cheaper alternatives.

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This pair is $40.95-still a bit pricey, but reasonable. Found here at

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Now this pair looks seriously awkward/weird/fugly in the picture, but I've seen this sandal in person and trust me, it looks so much better. $18 on sale, at

So, now that you have the outfit, I suggest you go out to your nearest blockbuster and rent Roman Holiday if you haven't seen it. Besides, now that Fox is remaking the Omen with Liev Schreiber-I think Gregory Peck would appreciate it.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Speaking of Yellow....

Even though yesterday I bought a yellow skirt, and new adorable yellow shoes- I just might need this coat too.

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From the Chloe Spring 2006 RTW collection. Of course it's probably going to be thousands of dollars, but I can dream...right?

Besides, they go with the aforementioned shoes-

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Am I right, or am I right?
I'm right.

Friday, May 19, 2006

In Love With the 80's

It's completely true-I love the eighties. Yes, I despise the legging trend somewhat- but that wasn't all the eighties was about! Anyway- I just saw this dress...and my inner eighties fan was screaming at me to post it here.

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Minus that huge poofy-sleeved mini-jacket thing...that dress is adorable.
Fer shur. (You know you have a problem when you start quoting Valley Girls.)

Then you have the ugly side of the eighties. The side I would rather not revisit.

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This looks exactly like that dress from that episode of the Golden Girls when Dorothy and Blanche kept ending up with the exact same dress for whatever banquet they were planning on attending.
This is the exact same dress. But the dress from the show was peach.
And Dorothy totally looked better in it then Blanche did.
Where is Bea Arthur when you need her?
EDIT EDIT EDIT because I'm stupid:

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This is the dress I was thinking of.
I have no idea how I got the two confused because they look nothing alike.
And now...I have no idea where the first dress came from....
Now I seriously need Bea to sort this whole mess out for me.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Stingray + Jewelry = ?!?!?!

Ever since I saw that $395 manta ray necklace in the June 2006 issue of Lucky I've been on a hunt. A hunt....

Alas- I've come across this (considerably not as pricey) alternative:

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Meant for those of you who are just as obsessed with rays as I am

"Shut yo mouth and say it ain't so!"

EDIT- I watched the finale last night. I don't want to spoil it for anyone- so I'll just say the best girl won. :]
Ok. I'll admit it. I'm completely, one-hundred percent addicted to America's Next Top Model. Even though, every year when my favorite makes it to the final two and then doesn't win, and I vow to never watch another episode- I always go back. It's just too.....'preposterous'[I couldn't resist] not to watch. The only flaws of this season were:
A)Mollie Sue was kicked off
C)Not enough Janice cameos
But other then that- this was actually a good season after the crap they pulled Cycle 5(i.e-letting Nicole win). All I can hope for is that Danielle can make it into the top 2(I have serious doubts-but we'll see.) And then ultimately go for the win! Ok, so maybe I'm a little biased because she has my name....but she's so awesome, and I love her accent no matter what Tyra 'Bitch' Banks thinks! Well...just as long as Fugly Jade doesn't win, I'll live.

Anyway- moving on from my Top Model fix for today...the clothes. Right now, I'm seriously into the sixties mod look. Especially tiny minidresses such as this $35 one I found

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(Scroll down the main page until it says 'shop by style', and then find mod there)
Cool eh? Well at least I think it is.
Then there are these adorable little metal cuff bracelets for only $9.50. $9.50!! Even I can afford that!

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If you're super bold when it comes to trying out footwear- then I think these are divine. And I usually don't even favor hot pink.

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Only $38 dollars at Urban But if your more of a flat girl- there's also the cute $20 little ballet flat alternative(I placed an order for the dark green pair yesterday!)

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There was another flat at Urban that said it was mod- but it looked kinda like it would look weird on your foot. And it didn't come in all the cute colors this one did!
There you have it! So I say tie a psychedelic print scarf around your head(Emilio Pucci should you be so privelleged.), snag some cheap false babydoll style lashes, and chop your hair into a Mary Quant-esque Vidal Sasson cut-and viola! Mod in ten minutes....well not really but same difference, right?

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Monday, May 15, 2006

ETA 4/29/08 : Wasn't I cute? Annoying and completely ridiculous, but cute.

This is my blog (I have a knack for stating the obvious). I don’t always know best- but I’d like to think that sometimes I do (about fashion, of course). I have weird opinions, and weird tastes. People say they love my style- or they don’t understand my style at all. I love that. No one inspired me to get a blog, per say. I didn’t even really know this whole site existed until I started reading about a year ago. On and off I’ve been debating whether or not to make a blog. And now I finally did because honestly? I’m a bored, unfortunate home schooled child who yearns for social activity. Nah, just kidding- I’m not that desperate. I’m passionate about fashion- I love it with my heart and soul- and I don’t intend on ever stopping. It doesn't matter if I get 0 readers or 100[Haha. I crack myself up.]. I'm mainly doing this for myself. Well enough of my melodramatic little speech here- lets get down to business. I love making lists. A lot. It’s actually quite frightening how many lists I make. So, I thought I’d pop my own blogging cherry with this list.

My Top Fashion "Rules"[Wow, don't I sound all bossy today.]

1. Never buy a Louis Vuitton monogram bag. They’re not cute anymore- especially with all the cheap pleather knockoffs circulation. Love the designer, love the collections, just don’t buy the monogrammed bags. Fair enough?

2. So you wanna wear leggings? Fantastic! Just don’t wear them under an Abercrombie/Hollister/[insert another store name here] jean mini. Because then you end up looking weird- why not try them with a long tunic, or a short dress? Also- don’t buy the fishnet, or lacy ones. Those just look plain stupid.

3. SAY NO TO THE STIRRUP PANTS. Just say no- it’s so much easier when you just refuse! And Urban Outfitters, as much as I love that store, should be banned from selling such an ugly product to the vulnerable public.

4. Don’t shop at Abercrombie, unless you’re buying A)A pair of jeans, B)A simple polo or even the occasional separate. There is such a thing as TOO much of a good thing- and that’s often what happens when people shop at Abercrombie. They end up looking like a bunch of clones. (And FYI- Abercrombie isn’t preppy! See, collared shirts, sweater-vests, and khaki’s.Voila! Preppy!)

5. As far as colors go-Yellow is ok to wear! In fact- I quite love yellow, and wish I had more in that color. Black is not ‘Goth’ for the last time! I’m so sick of wearing all black one day and being called ‘Goth’. Since when was it a crime to wear black? Black is always awesome- no matter what some Abercrombie loving loser says. (Sorry for the generalization.)

6. Do NOT look at Celebrity’s such as Sienna Miller/Mischa Barton for style tips! Especially not Sienna. Everyone always goes off on her ‘unique’ style. Two words. Edie. Sedgwick. It’s sad that she thinks just because she landed the part of her in ‘Factory Girl’ that she’s actually become Edie. Newsflash Sienna- this time last year you were still Jude’s ex-wife.

7. Bow down to your heels. They'll be your best friend for life if you have the right pair.

8. I don’t care if you're ‘scene’, ‘prep’, ‘goth’, or whatever- don’t dress like everyone else! Please! I hate seeing ten ‘scenexcore’ girls as much as I do seeing ten ‘preps’. It gets old, really fast.

9. No matter what kind of shape you have- please be happy with yourself! If your plus-size- that’s awesome(just look at Kate Dillon)! Super tall? I say do as Sara from America’s Next Top Model should have done and own your height!

10. Don’t take stuff like this list too seriously. Except rule number 3. That’s the only one you really need to watch out for. And if you truly like wearing leggings under jean mini’s- and you enjoy taking style advice from Sienna? Well then go ahead. Just use your imagination, and make your own look.

I like starting off things with a list. :]